7 Amazing Tips to Move a Washing Machine Like a Pro
7 Amazing Tips to Move a Washing Machine Like a Pro

Moving to a new place? Or simply redecorating your house? Moving a washing machine can be a hectic task for most of us and can get pretty complicated. With their enormous size and delicate machinery, it is important to handle them with extreme caution. Seeking a professional mover for this job might be the best and safest option for the expensive machinery in your house.

But if you wish to give it a try yourself, We got you covered with our 7 pro tips to help you move your washing machine.

Do it Like a Pro: Tips to Move a Washing Machine

1] Read the instruction manual: Read the user manual of your washing machine carefully. Look for the dos and don’ts. Next, ease your washer away from the wall. Be careful to not damage any pipework while pulling the machine. In case, if you have lost the washer’s user manual, check for the online version for your specific machine brand and model number.

2] Disconnecting: Unplug your washer’s power cord and dry clean the washer before moving, Remove the drainage hose and keep a towel ready, just in case some water spilling out of the drainage hose. Turn off the hot and cold water taps and unscrew both hoses, store all the hoses inside the washing tub by wrapping them lightly in a dry towel to avoid misplacing them while moving

3] Clean: Make sure to clean the interior and exterior of the washing machine with a dry cloth. While removing the dryer hose from both the dryer and the wall, drain any excess water before transporting. It is always recommended to clean your appliance thoroughly before moving to a new place for a fresh feeling at your new home.

4] Protect: Protecting the drum with proper foam or cardboard padding is an important step as it is delicate. To secure the drum place foam or cardboard between the drum and the machine case, if you got shipping bolts with the washer, be sure to use them to secure the drum before moving your washing machine.

5] Tapping: Close or tape down the door in place and wrap the washing machine in blankets or towels. Tape the cords to the back and wrap the machine with clean blankets. This step is important as it will prevent the tangling of the power cord as well as prevent the door to be wide open while moving.

6] Securing: secure the machine in an upright position to the trolley. Having a friend might be a great help to put the machine on the trolley for transportation. Make sure you secure the machine with ropes before moving the trolley. Carefully put the machine in the van and transport it to the new location.

7] Running a test: Running a test cycle after successfully moving to your new location to ensure proper working of the washing machine is a must. This step is essential as it can give you an idea of any missing element of the washing machine.

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